Are you training for a long distance event? Perhaps dipping your toe in to bikepacking and touring, or stretching your comfort zone with longer audaxes or ultra distance events? The WE GAR FAR program is based on a proven framework to transform you into an ultra radical rider, mentally and physically prepared to cross the finish line of a multiday event.

If you are looking for an inclusive community, to train for a long distance event without burning yourself out, with a focus on your mental and physical well being, then you are in the right place


These multiday events take a toll on the whole body. Consistently practicing strength and conditioning exercises and cross training, on a weekly basis reduces your risk of injury and the need to scratch your event due to a physical complaint


Training for an long distance event is about making faster easier. Females are natural fat burners, so we don't need to be doing a gazillion hours in zone 2. Gender specific training means you can make the most of your precious time


Practicing selfcare is essential when training for an ultra event. Without sufficient rest and sleep the body isn't going to be able to recover from the training and get stronger. Arriving fresh on the start line is half the battle won


The longer the event, the more important mental strength becomes. Developing strategies to keep you focused and motivated is part of the preparation process. When you stretch your comfort zone, you learn so much about yourself

We Go Far is a coaching program using a proven framework to get you prepared to cross the finish line of a multiday event. It's suitable for beginners, seasoned Ultra cyclists and everything in between.

The foundation of the program is based on my faster, fitter, healthier, happier framework that I've developed over the last few years, getting my clients to the finish line of long distance events.

As well as your personalised training plan and one to one consultations, you'll have access to the Women's Endurance Cycling Academy, that goes deep into each module of the framework. In the academy you can work through the lessons in your own time, at a pace that suits you, to ensure you are physically and mentally prepared for endurance cycling events.

For so long now, the only training advice available in the cycling media and online has been based on studies conducted on college age male athletes and obese inactive males, but now more and more is becoming known about the effect of training, exercise and nutrition on our female bodies. What are considered absolute facts about training and nutrition, aren't actually always relevant to us. Thankfully, since 2016, there's been a growing number of female sport scientists who have dedicated themselves to researching and sharing information on how we should train and eat. What's become apparent is that we are highly unique, and our training and fuel needs change through the different stages of our lives, through adolescence, child bearing age, perimenopause and post menopause.

There are now more female cycling coaches than ever before.

We now have knowledge.

Now we have choices.


- ul - tra - ist

- one who pushes a principle or measure to extremes; an extremist; a radical; an ultra

Gender Specific Training & Nutrition

What does it mean to train & fuel to your hormones?

  • Learning how your female hormones affect training & nutrition empowers you to make better choices and create better habits
  • Understanding what training to do and when helps you get the results that you want to see, achieve your goals, make the most of your precious time, as well as invest in your long term health
  • Understanding how your hormones affect your metabolism means backing up your training with good nutrition
  • Learning about the different hormonal phases of your adult life, from puberty to post menopause, will give you the tools you need to stay strong and active for longer


The amazing Vera, winner of the Ultra Distance Scholarship 2021, answers a few questions about her experiences working with a coach and training for the 2000km Pan Celtic Race across Cornwall and Wales

What's in the program?

The first step will be for you to complete some forms to establish where you are now and where you want to be. After a one to one consultation I'll start creating a personalised training plan for you on Training Peaks, which will be delivered in monthly or three monthly blocks. You'll receive guidance on training, nutrition and event preparation, and if you have an indoor trainer, you'll be able to join me for live indoor rides during the winter. You will also be invited the private Discord channel, to become a member of a growing community of cyclists, just like you, training for similar events.

  • Done for you training plan based on you, your lifestyle, likes, dislikes and your goals
  • One to One consultations with your coach
  • Progressive off the bike strength and conditioning workouts to reduce the risk of injury, and ensure you are physically prepared for your challenge
  • Scheduled test events and rides to build knowledge, experienced and resilience
  • Gender specific training to work with your hormones, make faster easier and avoid menstrual health issues
  • Tracked training data to monitor your fatigue, avoid under training, over training and burnout

. . . . . .(training for a multiday event) doesn't involve
spending every waking hour in the saddle,

or being obsessed with data . . . . . .

Who am I?


Hey, I'm Coach Alison. I'm on a mission to change the cycling community, to disrupt the current patriarchial system through my passion for cycling. I hope to guide every woman, person of colour and marginalised gender on a path of self empowerment though achieving audacious cycling goals. There is a painful lack of diversity throughout cycling, affecting the decisions made that affect us all. From the way British Cycling tutors treat grassroots coaches, to government level decisions on travel infrastructure, from cycling industry boardrooms of singular demographics to abysmally poor kit sizing for differently shaped women. I can't fix all this alone, but perhaps by creating a space which nurtures and encourages more diverse cyclists to do awesome things, it will be harder for us to be ignored.

See, there's me, disrupting again . . . . . . . .

I've now coached many cyclists across the finish lines of the toughest self-supported ultra distance events in the UK. Through that process I've developed a framework that can be applied to anyone training for a multiday event, incorporating athlete centred coaching theories, with a focus on self care, body specific training and developing the right mindset. It doesn't involve spending every waking hour in the saddle, or being obsessed with data, and doesn't have to involve causing permanent damage to yourself!

I started cycling in 2012, like many of us, I was inspired by the Olympics coming to London. I was challenged by my gym buddies to enter a triathlon. I said yes despite not being able to ride a bike! Fast forward a few years to 2015 and I'm a regular club rider, Level 2 British Cycling qualified skills coach, volunteering at a community cycling club in East London and a Breeze Champion leading rides in Essex. I went on to start racing in club and local time trials, criteriums and road races, with various levels of success(!), whilst getting into long distance rides and Audaxing.

I had even qualified for the UCI World Amateur Time Trial final in Denmark and got to race in GB kit! Cycling had taken over my life!

Here I am now, with a degree in Cycling Performance, a desire to share all that I've learned along the way and help as many others as possible. My coaching style is born from my own experiences of training and being coached for racing and long distance cycling, whilst working fulltime and caring for a disabled family member. I also draw on experiences from my previous life as a dancer, training full time, where I learned how important being well condition is essential for avoiding injury and an investment for later in life. You need a coach who is aware that mental health is as important as your physical health, that our busy lives also impacts our ability to stress our bodies in training, who understands the ebbs and flows of motivation and the importance of building resilience to deal with the curve balls life sometimes throws at us, as well as being mindful that we, as women, need to train and eat differently to the advice given in mainstream publications, but mostly, the need for cycling to be protected as something that's fun and, for some of us, a way to refill our reservoirs of joy!

As a women and a person of colour I've experienced for myself how it feels to go to a cycling club or event and be the only person that looks like me. Through other ventures, such as the Women of Colour Cycling Collective, Ride for Unity and the Ultra Distance Scholarship, I actively try to improve the diversity and gender equality in cycling.

Representation truly matters.


  • You are a woman, person of colour, marginalised gender or are someone aligned with our values and mission
  • Wanting to complete your first long distance event, 200km or more, and not sure where to start
  • You have entered a multiday supported or self supported bike packing race, event or audax
  • You are experienced in ultra events but you want to be more competitive or beat last year's results
  • Curious about what you could achieve if you committed to developing your mental and physical strength
  • Looking to stretch your comfort zone and finish an epic challenge feeling like a bad ass!!!
  • You want to experience the world through all your senses and create memories of awesome adventures


You've come to this page because there's something inside you that's thinking, you know, I think I can do this . . . . . . .

So, what's stopping you?

Maybe you're thinking it would be amazing to accomplish such an audacious challenge, but you're not sure you can do it alone

You might be thinking you don't have the time and/or the resources

You might be worried about feeling like the outsider, or that you don't belong in that space

Perhaps you've not been able to find training advice you felt was relevant to you

I believe there's an Ultraist inside all of us

You just need the right training advice, a solid support network and develop the right mindset

Training for a long distance event doesn't take up as much time as you think.

It's about training smarter

Did you know there are free to enter events?

Entry fees for some Audaxes are as little as £15

There are events for pretty much every type of bike too, including Bromptons!


Representation matters.

It's time for us to show up

Join the We Go Far community to find riders just like you

This program is for women, long distance newbies and the ultraists looking to stretch their comfort zones to more challenging events

Don't get me wrong, this is hard work. It requires determination and consistency, but you will be rewarded. You'll make friends for life in an awesome community and explore parts of the world others will never see!

Side effects of becoming an Ultraist include: Increased confidence and resilience, expanded comfort zone, self belief, widened horizons, a next level Instagram feed, excessive number of bike bags

So, what's it like working with me?

We asked Alice to reflect on her journey working with me and preparing for one of the toughest self supported races in the UK. Working with Alice was so rewarding, seeing her confidence grow and the seed of self belief blossom. Having attempted GBDuro in a previous year, and having to scratch, Alice was both full of doubt and fired up with determination. It was incredibly emotional watching her dot inch it's way up the length of the UK. So proud of her achievement.

The longer the event the more important mental strength and resilience becomes. Purely focusing on physical fitness alone is not going to get you across the line. Testing yourself in event like situations, sleeping outside for consecutive days, passing through remote regions, having to get up the next morning and start riding again, even though your are already fatigued. Stretching your comfort zones in all of these areas, building that resilience, before your event gives you confidence and puts you in a much better head space.


Book a 20 minute chat with me to see if we're a good fit and discuss your goals for 2024!

The We Go Far Program option is perfect if you are training for a bikepacking trip, audax or race under 300km, OR are experienced in following a structured training program and already know you are very self motivated and self relient.

There maybe lots of reasons you might feel the one to one coaching is not right for you right now.

If you're not sure, please do book a chat with me and we can discuss your needs and goals.



per month (minimum 3 months)

  • Personalised three month training plans
  • Consultations every three months
  • Monthly Group Q&As
  • Monthly virtual rides through the winter
  • Access to the private online community
  • A library of strength & conditioning plans
  • Invitations to real world rides with special guests
  • Monthly member's newsletter



per month (minimum 3 months)

  • Everything in the Training Membership PLUS:
  • Personalised dynamic monthly training plans
  • One to One monthly consultations
  • Create pacing and nutrition strategies with your coach
  • Includes Training Peaks Premium

Working with me one to one means we can adapt and respond to whatever is going on in your life and how you are responding to training. We have more time to personalise your plan on a week by week basis, or even day by day. You will also have individual training sessions on and off the bike tailored specifically for you.

Creating a bond with my clients is very important to me. Training for these incredibly challenging events is not only physically challenging, but can also be emotionally and mentally taxing. We know that ultra events are 50% a mental strength test, so knowing you have that full support and someone that understands behind you during your preparation, can make a huge effect on whether you reach the start line or not, as well as building confidence that you can make it to the finish line.


In my experience it takes around 12 weeks for a coach and athlete to establish a successful relationship

It also takes around this length of time for someone to become accustomed to following a structured training plan, or realising it's just not for them.

I work very hard to find solutions for my clients to ensure they have a plan that suits their personality, likes and dislikes and lifestyle, helps them stay accountable and consistent. It's during those first three months that we learn about you and how we will work together.

Frequently asked questions

Got questions? We've got answers.

Q: What if I can't make it to the live Q&As

All live Q&As will be recorded for you to watch back at a convenient time for you

Q: What if I can't ride as fast, or want to ride faster than others in the group?

This is a virtual program, with the participants being based anywhere in the world! You will be training in your own time, on your own or with whoever you like to ride with. In the virtual live rides, if you choose to join them, you will be able to work at your own level and pace.

Q: I don't have an indoor trainer, will I still be able to get results?

Yes! Your personalised training plans are build around your likes, dislikes, equipment and lifestyle

Q: Is this program just for road events?

Definitely not! I've used the same framework to coach people for off road and gravel events. The same training principles and coaching techniques apply

Q: Have any other questions?

Please feel free to contact me with any other questions or concerns, on Instagram or by email, I'd love to hear from you!

Q: I get bored really easily doing the same sessions every week and hate training on my own. I don't feel that the training will be fun

The training sessions vary across each week or your menstrual cycle and/or training blocks, developing different aspects of your fitness. You can make your training as varied as you like. I promise you won't get bored! There's also the option to join the live indoor cycling rides then load your workout, to make them less soul destroying. Suffering in a group is always more fun! Maintaining the joy of cycling is crucial to staying motivated and consistent, so I strongly recommend incorporating rides with your buddies every week

Q: Will I need any other equipment?

I recommend as a minimum a bike computer, heartrate monitor and a cadence sensor to measure your pedal rate. It will help immensely if you are able to record your training to track your progress and monitor your fatigue. I also recommend some basic home gym equipment as you get stronger if you do not have access to a gym. Included in the membership is a guide on the most useful and cost effective equipment for a home gym that take up little space.




WhatsApp : 07951 353150

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