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At last, a different approach to cycling performance coaching

I'm on a mission to disrupt the status quo by encouraging, supporting and empowering women, people of colour and marginalised genders to set themselves audacious cycling goals.
I've now coached many cyclists across the finish lines of the toughest self-supported ultra distance events in the UK. Through that process I've developed a framework that can be applied to anyone training for a multiday event, incorporating athlete centred coaching theories, with a focus on self care, body specific training and developing the right mindset. It doesn't involve spending every waking hour in the saddle, or being obsessed with data, and doesn't have to involve causing permanent damage to yourself!

vélo  -  vé - lo

qi  -  chi

- French vélo, to bike, to cycle, short for vélocipède velocipede

- the circulating life energy that in Chinese philosophy is thought to be inherent in all things; in traditional Chinese medicine the balance of negative and positive forms in the body is believed to be essential for good health


Training for an long distance event is about making faster easier. Females are natural fat burners, so we don't need to be doing a gazillion hours in zone 2. Learning how your body responds to training means you can make the most of your precious time


These multiday events take a toll on the whole body. Consistently practicing strength and conditioning exercises and cross training, on a weekly basis reduces your risk of injury and the need to scratch your event due to a physical complaint


Practicing selfcare is essential when training for an ultra event. Without sufficient rest and sleep the body isn't going to be able to recover from the training and get stronger. Arriving fresh on the start line is half the battle won


The longer the event, the more important mental strength becomes. Developing strategies to keep you focused and motivated is part of the preparation process. When you stretch your comfort zone, you learn so much about yourself

The amazing Vera, winner of the Ultra Distance Scholarship 2021, answers a few questions about her experiences working with a coach and training for the 2000km Pan Celtic Race across Cornwall and Wales

We Go Far Coaching Program

Are you training for a long distance event? Perhaps dipping your toe in to bikepacking and touring, or stretching your comfort zone with longer audaxes or ultra distance events? This group coaching program provides a proven framework, alongside a personalised training plan, to transform you into an ultra radical rider, mentally and physically prepared to cross the finish line of a multiday event. 

This is for you if you feel would benefit from the support of a group of like minded cyclists and are more motivated when learning in a group. Ideal if you are new to structured training or experienced and are more self sufficient.

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One to one coaching

If you'd prefer, you can work with me on a one to one basis to guide you through the different elements of the framework that I have developed and used to ensure my clients achieve their audacious cycling goals. Regardless of where you are now, together we work towards getting you physically and mentally prepared for your event, with a personalised training plan and continuous support all through the month

This is for you if you are new to structured training and feel you would benefit from one to one attention. This is also for you if have set a next level target such as setting a new record or compete at elite level.

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So, what's it like working with me?

We asked Alice to reflect on her journey working with me and preparing for one of the toughest self supported races in the UK. Working with Alice was so rewarding, seeing her confidence grow and the seed of self belief blossom. Having attempted GBDuro in a previous year, and having to scratch, Alice was both full of doubt and fired up with determination. It was incredibly emotional watching her dot inch it's way up the length of the UK. So proud of her achievement.

The longer the event the more important mental strength and resilience becomes. Purely focusing on physical fitness alone is not going to get you across the line. Testing yourself in event like situations, sleeping outside for consecutive days, passing through remote regions, having to get up the next morning and start riding again, even though your are already fatigued. Stretching your comfort zones in all of these areas, building that resilience, before your event gives you confidence and puts you in a much better head space.


Book a 20 minute chat with me to see if we're a good fit and discuss your goals for 2022!

Who am I?

Hey everyone!

So, I'm Coach Alison, founder of veloqi. I started cycling in 2012, like many of us, I was inspired by the Olympics coming to London. I was challenged by my gym buddies to enter a triathlon. I said yes despite not being able to ride a bike! Fast forward a few years to 2015 and I'm a regular club rider, Level 2 British Cycling qualified skills coach, volunteering at a community cycling club in East London and a Breeze Champion leading rides in Essex.

I went on to start racing in club time trials, local criteriums and road races, whilst getting into long distance rides and Audaxing. I had even qualified for the UCI World Amateur Time Trial final in Denmark and got to race in GB kit! Cycling had taken over my life!

Here I am now, with a degree in Cycling Performance, a desire to share all that I've learned along the way and help as many others as possible. My coaching style is born from my own experiences of training and being coached for racing and long distance cycling, whilst working fulltime and caring for a disabled family member. I also draw on experiences from my previous life as a dancer, training full time, where I learned how important being well condition is essential for avoiding injury and an investment for later in life.

You need a coach who is aware that mental health is as important as your physical health, that our busy lives also impacts our ability to stress our bodies in training, who understands the ebbs and flows of motivation and the importance of building resilience to deal with the curve balls life sometimes throws at us, as well as being mindful that we, as women, need to train and eat differently to the advice given in mainstream publications, but mostly, the need for cycling to be protected as something that's fun and, for some of us, a way to refill our reservoirs of joy!

As a women and a person of colour I've experienced for myself how it feels to go to a cycling club or event and be the only person that looks like me. Through other ventures, such as the Women of Colour Cycling Collective, Ride for Unity and the Ultra Distance Scholarship, I actively try to improve the diversity and gender equality in cycling. Representation truly matters.

Getting you physically fit

Training plans designed around your level of fitness, your goals and your body

Keeping you healthy

Advice on selfcare, avoiding injury and over training, nutritional advice for on and off the bike

Awesome Community

Stay motivated with people just like you, training for similar events, in our inclusive community. 

"Sports have the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire, the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language they understand. Sports can create hope, where there was once only despair. It is more powerful than governments in breaking down racial barriers. It laughs in the face of all types of discrimination.

Sports is the game of lovers."

Nelson Mandela

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