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Training shouldn't just be about achieving your goals for one season, or 'getting fit' for one event. Veloqi is about making a lifestyle choice to look after your mind and body for the rest of your life. Having short term goals are important for motivation and enjoyment, but the long term focus will help you make better decisions and be mentally and physically prepared when times get tough, as well as reduce the risk of injury.

Here at VeloQi we understand that you are not just a cyclist. What you do off the bike is also important to your long term health, injury prevention and mental health. Veloqi offers a range of coaching solutions to help you achieve your goals, including personalised training plans and strength and conditioning workouts.  Coming soon are more services, including an online workshop to help women understand how their hormones to make the most out of their training. Join our mailing list for updates. 



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The veloqi cycling club and racing team

by coach Alison (pictured 2015)

Being part of a community, feeling like you belong, is a huge part of my love of cycling. Having that network of friends, support and camaraderie, has made me a better person. At Veloqi we understand the importance of social interaction and community involvement to mental health. As well as a club for it's members, Veloqi has ambitions to help improve the diversity in cycling and develop a racing team that reflects the multicultural population of East London. We hope that our members will share our goals and support our efforts.