Here at veloqi we understand that you are not just a cyclist. You have family and work commitments, highs and lows, likes and dislikes, and possibly previous injuries. You are unique!

"For me personalised coaching means taking into account your lifestyle, previous training experience, fitness levels, external stresses, motivations, and for women, hormonal changes."

Coach alison

Fdn BSc in Cycling Performance

British Cycling Level 2, Road & TT

Each plan is created for the individual client, not from a library of stock plans. Before creating the plan your coach will ask you to complete athlete profile and lifestyle forms. You will then have a one to one, in depth, face to face, telephone or video consultation with you to really get to know you and your short and long term goals.

The ACHIEVE subscription plan includes quarterly reviews with coach Alison, a qualified British Cycling coach, with a Fdn BSc in Cycling Performance. Your coach will analyse your training data, your fatigue levels and progress, making changes to your plan accordingly, to help you work towards achieving your goals. Your coach will build your plan around your weekly commitments on the Training Peaks platform. Your training sessions can be easily uploaded in your Garmin or Wahoo device, or set up to automatically sync with Zwift. You have the option of upgrading to the Training Peaks premium service for an additional £10 a month, allowing you to drop and drag your workouts around any changes in your schedule for the week. This also gives you access to all the data your coach uses to analyse your training.


This 60 minute Level Up one to one consultation with a qualified coach is ideal if you want to take your cycling to the next level, are not sure structured training is for you and just looking for advice on how your could improve your cycling. This maybe for a self set target, to ride 3000 miles in a year for example, or an event or challenge. Get advice on the best way to spend your precious time around your commitments and social life, the benefits of different on and off the bike nutrition and workouts and the importance of rest and recovery. 

The 90 minute Level Up option is ideal if you are an experienced or self motivated rider, who has ambitious cycling goals, such as an endurance challenge or event or competitive events, and would like to learn more about applying training theory in order to achieve your goals. With your coach you will identify your strengths and weaknesses in relation to the demands of your event or race, and create a clear framework from which you can design a plan for smashing your goals.

Both options include a review of your current training routine, analysis of your current fitness, event/challenge demand analysis, a lifestyle audit, goal setting workshop to ensure you have set SMART goals for the next 12 months. Together with your coach you will set targets and milestones for the next three months. Your coach will also contact you for a review halfway, six weeks after your initial consultation. 

Strength & Conditioning

What you do off the bike is also important to your long term health, injury prevention and mental health. For many cyclists, cycling is their only form or exercise, but it is a low impact sport and therefore does little to help improve bone density, something that's very important as we age, especially women who have a higher risk of Osteoporosis. Including weight bearing exercises in our weekly routine, to strengthen bones, as well as our ligaments, tendons and supporting muscles, helps reduce the risk of injury, now and as we get older. Using my experience of being a full time dancer in my youth, years of training for various sports including triathlons, courses with the YMCA and studies for my degree, I have designed a series of strength and conditioning programmes and classes, for a range of abilities, including sport specific exercises that will improve performance on the bike, as well as general and long term health. Strength and conditioning sessions will be scheduled into your weekly programme as I feel it is essential for progression as an athlete. Why not add POWER UP at a discounted rate of £10 per month, for access to a library of Velofit workout videos and foam rolling sessions with fitness professional, Elle Linton. Discount offered through a voucher code after sign up.



A monthly personalised training plan, designed around your current fitness, lifestyle, training equipment and cycling goals

Includes a 40 minute consultation to discuss your current fitness, short and long term goals

Three monthly review with your coach to discuss your progression. Your coach will analyse your training and provide feedback and advice

Access to your coach through Training Peaks and the veloqi facebook group to ask questions regarding your training

Ideal if you are training for a specific event or goal, or new to structured training

£22 A MONTH + £25 set up fee

£32 A MONTH + £25 set up fee including Training Peaks Premium



1 to 1 training review and goal setting with a qualified coach 

A 60 or 90 minute consultation to discuss your current fitness, short and long term goals

Your coach will analyse your training data from the last three months, provide feedback, advice and help set targets for the next three months

Target event demand analysis and SMART goal setting workshop

Includes a 30 minute halfway review after six weeks

LEVEL UP 60 £40

LEVEL UP 90 £55



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