In these strange and difficult times it's important for us to stay motivated and keep training. Join me on a 12 week challenge to increase max strength, FTP/FTHR and 3 minute power, plus improve flexibility and core strength #stayhome12weekchallenge

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On Wednesday evening, a week after the high of being in central London on a panel with four inspiration female cyclists, sharing our experiences and knowledge with the women that had turned up that night, I felt a little hot, so took my temperature. It measured 38.3C. Oh Sh*t I thought, here we go. I have had asthma all my life, and been in and out of hospital for various things over the years, some serious (including a four day stay in ICU back in 2015), some routine visits. I had also seen my grandmother battle to survive pneumonia a few years ago. I'd had a mild sore throat for about a week which I assumed was related to the hayfever symptoms that had been hanging around as usual this month.

I'll be honest, I was more than a little worried.

I decided to self isolate for seven days, as advised by the NHS. I called my GP and she told me not to worry, she didn't consider me someone who was at risk of any complications.

This brought it home to me though, how connected we all are to each other, locally, nationally, internationally. It's imperative we follow the guidelines announced by the government to lesson the spike in infections and help our amazing NHS save as many lives as possible. Each action we take as individuals matters. Stop all non essential travel. Adhere to strict hygiene guidelines.

I'm so grateful my symptoms haven't worsened, but can't stop thinking about those that have been seriously affected by COVID 19 and the NHS staff working day and night to keep fatalities to a minimum. So, how else can I help? I was surprised to hear that many many people are still insisting on going to the gym, etc. Well, I get it. We love to workout and we need to keep ourselves fit and healthy, but we have lots of options other than the gym. We are encouraged to go outside to exercise, and we can train at home using very little equipment. I hope you will join me on this 12 week challenge, and focus on some positives. If you had an extra year to train for your events what would you do? How would you spend your time? Guess what, you have! We can't predict what will happen this year, but we know life will be getting back towards normality in 2021. Lets set new targets and make the most of this. Usually at this time of year road cyclists would have come out of a winter training block, consisting of leg speed, maximum strength and endurance training, and be in a pre-competition/event preparation block, developing power and speed on the road. We can now spend the next three months back in 'winter training' mode! Let's focus on smashing 2021!

My goals for the 12 week challenge, starting next week:

Improve my max strength - target exercises are dead lift, squat, front and lateral lunges

Improve my FTP/FTHR and 3 min power - get back on the turbo and get out on the bike

Improve my flexibility and core strength - practice the Veloqi Flow and Circuit classes at home and make use of park gyms. What are your goals?

These versatile bands are not expensive and take up very little space
Resistance bands are a great way to strength train at home

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Let me know what you're doing too by tagging your posts with #stayhome12weekchallenge or email me,, I'd love to hear from you (cabin fever!). If you have any questions I'll help in way way I can.We can all help keep each other motivated and distracted during these sad times.

Sending out lots of positive vibes to everyone

Best wishes

Coach Alison

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