Performance Coaching

Here at Veloqi we understand that you are not just a cyclist. You have family and work commitments, highs and lows, likes and dislikes,and possibly previous injuries. You are unique! For me personalised means taking into account your lifestyle, previous training experience, fitness levels, external stresses, motivations, and for women, hormonal changes. Each plan is created for the individual client, not from a library of stock plans. Before creating the plan your coach will ask you to complete athlete profile and lifestyle forms. They will then have a face to face or telephone conversation to really get to know you and your goals.

Monthly Coaching Subscription

The monthly subscription plans include weekly support from your coach, who will be monitoring your fatigue levels and progress, making changes to your plan accordingly, and helping you work towards achieving your goals. You can also ask your coach to change your sessions around life, as it happens, on a week by week basis, as long as you give them enough notice.

Three Month Plans

After you've completed your athlete profile forms and a telephone consultation, your coach will create your plan. You will sent the first draft and be given three opportunities to make amendments, if you feel it may not work for you. Once you and your coach are happy with the plan it will be sent to you with a personalised guide and off the bike training advice. You will also be sent additional guides throughout the three months to help you stay on track and achieve your goals.

Strength & Conditioning

What you do off the bike is also important to your long term health, injury prevention and mental health. For many cyclists, cycling is their only form or exercise, but it is a low impact sport and therefore does little to help improve bone density, something that's very important as we age, especially women who have a higher risk of Osteoporosis. Including weight bearing exercises in our weekly routine, to strengthen bones, as well as our ligaments, tendons and supporting muscles, helps reduce the risk of injury, now and as we get older. I have designed a series of strength and conditioning programmes and classes, for a range of abilities, including sport specific exercises that will improve performance on the bike, as well as general and long term health. Strength and conditioning sessions will be built into your plans, along with access to various programmes to suit your fitness level and training goals.